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About SuperFox

SuperFox manages family details and accounts for your childcare setting. It produces attractive invoices, register pages, free entitlement returns, milk claims and useful summaries of children’s details. It also contains functions to help with credit control, your staffing and to manage and plan the overall setting finances. SuperFox can even produce your setting's Income and Expenditure accounts.

SuperFox was originally developed as a sustainability initiative in collaboration with childcare providers and 14 local authorities. Over 4,000 copies have now been shipped. (We also have experience running our own childcare settings.)

Is It Expensive?
No – it was originally designed for people who could not afford to buy childcare software. SuperFox is also available to Local Authorities to use in their area for a low one-off fee. If you are interested in SuperFox please drop us a line and tell us about your needs.

Children’s Details Are Secure
SuperFox database files are encrypted and password protected which means that they cannot be read except by your copies of SuperFox. Even if you lose a bag your data is still safe.

How Easy Is SuperFox To Use?
Very easy indeed. SuperFox uses a very intuitive presentation that looks like a web browser. Once you have mastered a few screens then you can use the program. SuperFox comes with comprehensive help, easy tutorials, mini guides and example data sets to get you started.

How Long Does SuperFox Take To Set Up?
You can quickly import your family data from spreadsheets. Without the import it can take about a day to enter the details for a typical setting. It is time well spent and you should save this many time over in the first month of using the program.

SuperFox Runs Well On Old And New Computers
We have taken care make sure that SuperFox will run on very modest computers. You will need a computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and a minimum screen size of 1024 x 768 pixels. The program uses mainstream technologies which have all been declared as key to their vendor’s futures. This means no surprises in the future.


You can download a copy of the SuperFox brochure by clicking here.

SuperFox Brochure